They Were a Pleasure to Deal With

The Granite Top -:  I know that we chose the granite, but.........  how is it going to look ?

Thanks to the Team of Townsville Stone. To Cameron, Mark and all, they were a pleasure to deal with. Always happy to assist with turning over a slab or two so we might be able to match colours etc.

The recommendations we received regarding, cutting and joining the stone, sounded good. They turned out to be absolutely beautiful. From cutting the stone to installation on our benches and sink - this team completed outstanding results.

The boys even polished a couple of off cuts so I have two new and matching cutting boards, sorry, cutting stones. 

So, thanks to two great Teams (Bill & Ben the Cabinetmen and Townsville Stone.) who worked together and delivered to us, our new kitchen. 

Delivered, as I did say, -  In Full On Time. We are extremely pleased.

Many Thanks,

Ray and Wendy Schinkel.  

Kirwan, Townsville.