For everyday cleaning, you can use warm water and a mild detergent with a soft damp cloth or a non-scratching sponge. On a weekly basis, use a specialised Lithofin spray cleaner on your STONE. (Lithofin products available at Townsville Stone.)



Avoid exposing your STONE tops to chemicals; such as paint strippers, furniture cleaners, oven cleaners, bleach, drain cleaners and chemicals with high alkaline PH levels or similar aggressive substances. Do not use oil-based cleaners. If spills do occur, wash quickly with clean water.

Preventing Damage

Do not use your STONE top as a cutting board, as this can cause permanent scratching. Avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects on the STONE as chips and cracks can occur. Do not place hot cooking items such as pots, electric frying pans, trays or similar directly on the STONE.

Follow these simple guidelines and your STONE tops will look perfect for years to come.

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