Townsville Flood vs Stone Tops

Our thoughts are with the people and families of Townsville (and surrounding regions) that have suffered incredible losses, damage and emotional turmoil during the recent floods.

Townsville Stone has contacted our suppliers and would like to clarify the Warranty Conditions relating to stone, regarding the flooding. 

Please Note:  Townsville Stone does not cover the Warranty on the Stone Benchtops, this is from the Stone Manufacturer 

Warranty on Stone

Warranty on all stone tops is immediately voided as soon as they are removed from their original position, irrespective of whether they are being re-installed in the same location.

During the course of the flooding, the stone top may have been subject to many unknown factors, including hygienic.  You must consider that if the tops were submerged in water in any way, then the tops could be contaminated.

Another factor to consider is the structural integrity of the stone.  If the cabinetry carcass has been subjected to water, then the stone has been exposed to the possibility of movement through swelling of the timber.  This could have impacted in many ways and stressed the stone and/or cut outs and even things floating in the water may have had the potential for impact.

Therefore, the stone has been subjected to lots of variables outside the usual practice and for that reason there is no warranty that covers for flood damage.

Joins and Repairs

Townsville Stone has received increased calls in relation to joins coming apart in stone tops.  This is to be expected, as the stone may have been subjected to movement (being from the cabinets and/or the house itself) and has therefore stressed the stone. 

We recommend that no joins will be re-joined until the water/dampness is completely dried out.  As the ground begins to dry and the humidity in the air regulates, the movement should cease.

These stone tops should be left in place.  We recommend all customers cover the joins with Masking Tape.  This should keep all foreign materials out of the joins until they can be looked at.  We suggest at least 2 – 3 weeks before everything is dry. 

We hope this clarifies the situation.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sanker



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